Countdown for the second draft IGIs

The FSC International Generic Indicator (IGI) Group met in October in Lisbon to agree on the final steps towards the second draft of the IGIs. Two sub-groups of its members are working in parallel to finalize the new draft, while another sub-group is focused on engagement tools for the second public consultation. There is high expectation and willingness to comment on this second draft of the IGIs, which is expected to be sent to the Network Partners in December.

An intense week of work in Lisbon concluded with specific targets and responsibilities for all the members of the IGI Group. During the meeting, the group agreed on an approach to complete the second draft of the IGIs in November, always keeping stakeholder input from the first consultation in mind. 

The IGI Group members are now working hard to finish the second draft:

The Working Group, composed of chamber-balanced members, together with a regional and a Certification Body representative, are focused on solving the remaining issues across all principles of the IGIs. The drafting team is supporting this group by including the agreements reached in the new draft.

Meanwhile, the Technical Experts are peer reviewing all the indicators in the new draft, making sure the language is auditable, simple, global and can be easily understood and translated across FSC regions.

The Communications & Engagement Committee is working to produce an outreach plan that will be delivered to FSC Network Partners prior to the second public consultation. The aim of this plan is to promote representative engagement with stakeholders across the FSC system about the second draft of the IGIs, to ensure they are relevant to all forest contexts. A number of explanatory documents will accompany this plan.

The Steering Committee of the process strongly supports the methodology agreed to in Lisbon, emphasizing that the quality of the draft and the communications are the top priority. This approach is supported by the FSC Board as well. 

Final approval for the second draft of the IGIs is expected to happen in the month of December 2013. The second draft will be then sent to the Network Partners for their information and translation. The official launch of the consultation will take place a couple of weeks later; estimated to take place during the first quarter of 2014. The complexity of the process and importance of accurate, precise language may cause the timeline to shift slightly, and FSC is grateful for the understanding and support of its stakeholders.

In addition to the development of the draft, the Steering Committee and the FSC Board approved the substitution of Nancy Vallejo in the IGI Group with Jamie Levy as representative for the Social South chamber.

Gordian Fanso is leading the effort to develop the Transfer Procedure, along with a Working Group with representatives from the six FSC Regions. Working Group members include Paul Opanga, Tatiana Yanitskaya, Vera Santos, Yellen Aguilar-Ararat, Gary Dodge and Ma Lichao. The first draft of the Transfer Procedure is scheduled to be published for public consultation towards the end of November.