Countries without National Standards

In countries where there are no National Standards, the Certification Bodies (CBs) have had to develop Generic Standards (one per CB), which were later adapted to country specific conditions, resulting in CB Adapted Standards (one per country and CB). These Adapted Standards have had the same function as National Standards, as an alternative basis for evaluating compliance with the P&C.

The process followed by the CBs to adapt their Generic Standard to each specific country was specified in the standard FSC-STD-20-002, 'Structure, content and local adaptation of Generic Forest Stewardship Standards'.

The revision of FSC-STD-20-002

The main objective of this revision is to define a process on how to use the IGIs as starting point for the adaptation of Generic Standards by the Certification Bodies, in those countries where National Standards do not exist.

The revision of the standard for ‘Structure, content and local adaptation of Generic Forest Stewardship Standards’ (FSC-STD-20-002 V3-0 EN) has been started by the Policy and Standards Unit to align the adaptation process of Generic Standards with the IGIs, as mandated by the FSC Board.

A Working Group composed of three technical experts has been appointed. The revision process will include two public consultations and plans to submit a final draft to the FSC Board for approval by the end of 2014.