Discussing the International Generic Indicator – A workshop in Uppsala

FSC Representatives from European and CIS countries met from 4-6 February in Uppsala, Sweden, for the International Generic Indicators (IGIs) European Regional Workshop. The attendees were informed about the second public consultation, and had the chance to provide initial feedback to the project coordinator, who was present at the meeting.

zoomUppsala Workshop
As part of the public consultation process, the IGI project includes a series of webinars and Regional Workshops in the six FSC regions. The purpose of these meetings is to gather Network Partners and Standards Development Group representatives together with IGI Ambassadors. The workshops provide an update on the consulted draft and supporting materials, and also serve to share experiences and prepare attendees for the national consultations. 

The Workshop in Uppsala gathered 18 representatives, including three members of the IGI Group in charge of the development of the Generic Indicators, along with the project coordinator, Rosario Galán. The meeting was organized by FSC Sweden, to whom FSC International is very grateful. In addition to the meeting, the group had the chance to do a field trip and visit certified forests owned by the Swedish church. Specific aspects of the IGIs were discussed in clear cut areas, wetlands, protected areas and recreation areas. We also offer special thanks to the diocese forest managers, Emilie Westman and Jens Brorsson, for hosting the excursion, showing good examples of FSC certified Swedish forestry and creating an excellent ground for discussion.

The general atmosphere during the meeting was very constructive, and some of the suggestions to improve the IGI consultation have already been taken into consideration. For example, the online survey has been adjusted based on the feedback received during this workshop and from other regions. Please note, however, that the change will not create any problems if you have already filled in the survey or printed it for your stakeholders, because the feedback that we will collect will be the same. Changes focused on rephrasing a few questions. Instructions for this change have been included in the online survey, and also in point 3 of the Consultation Methodology document. The updated version of this document can be found on the IGI Website*.

This workshop is going to be complemented by a webinar which will take place on Thursday 13th February from 10.00 – 12.00 CET, aimed to inform those who could not attend the workshop.

* Please check the “Documents Control” paper on the IGI Website in order to track the changes made to the consultation documents.