IGI Drafting Process

The IGI Working Group is guiding the development of the International Generic Indicators (IGIs). It is responsible for reviewing and agreeing revisions to the IGIs. It is also responsible for deciding when a draft of the IGIs is ready for public consultation and when the final draft is ready for review and approval by the FSC Board of Directors.

During this process, the Technical Experts will provide technical advice and expertise to the development of the IGIs. They will also bring in perspectives gathered from their respective sub-chambers, regions and Certification Bodies (CBs) and facilitate stakeholder outreach activities.

In drafting and reviewing the IGIs, the IGI Group will draw upon existing resources, including the:

  • Explanatory Notes of the FSC Principles and Criteria Version 5 (P&C V5);
  • FSC-GUI-60-004 FSC Forest Stewardship Standards: Structure, Content and Suggested Indicators;
  • existing and approved National and Regional Forest Stewardship Standards; 
  • CB Adapted Standards;
  • recommendations of the Plantations Working Group;
  • survey of priority stakeholder issues for the IGIs; 
  • results from the Motions contributing to indicator development; and
  • stakeholders’ feedback provided during the public consultation periods.

There will be a series of IGI Group Meetings and two formal public consultation periods.

Once signed off, the draft IGIs will be made available to all interested parties. All formal drafts for consultation will be available in both English and Spanish.

Background Documents

In this section you can download background documents that led and explain the current process of development of International Generic Indicators: