Field tests

Field tests for Draft 2-0

The consultation period for the second draft of the IGIs started on 24 January and will be open until 31 March 2014. The field testing of the IGIs is intended to take place during the same period of time, to provide an additional opportunity to engage forest owners, companies, directly affected stakeholders and other interested parties in the standard setting process, as required by the ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards.

Objectives of the field tests

The overall objective of the field tests is to assess the auditability of the IGIs Draft 2-0.

Additional objectives of the field testing are:

  • Assure that the affected local communities have their feedback recognized and addressed by the IGI Working Group;
  • Verification of applicability in SLIMF certificates;
  • Assess the concerns raised regarding the applicability and impacts of the IGIs by the Technical Working Group;
  • Provide systematically collected field test results to the IGI Group for its consideration in finalizing the ‘forest-tested' Draft 3 of the IGIs.

Identification of field testing sites

FSC Accredited Certification Bodies (CBs) were invited to suggest sites for conducting the field tests during the first half of December 2013. A total of 18 proposals were received.

PSU is thankful to all CBs who kindly responded to the call for field test sites.

The sites and types of operation that have been chosen to develop the filed tests of the IGIs are the following:

  • Brazil – plantation.
  • Tanzania – natural, community forest.
  • China – sub-tropical plantation.
  • Congo Basin – natural forest.
  • Switzerland – smallholder group certification.
  • Canada – natural forest & desk audit.

In addition to these field tests, if any CB wishes to test the IGIs Draft 2-0 (or part of it) during the public consultation period at any other location, they may do so at their own expense. PSU will gratefully take their feedback into consideration when drafting the final version of the IGIs.