FSC Membership approves the Revised Principles & Criteria

FSC is pleased to announce that the revised Principles & Criteria (P&C) have been approved by the FSC Membership. Confirmed through strong voter turn-out – at around 70% in all chambers - the positive result reflects the engagement and commitment of stakeholders worldwide over a three year participatory process.

As the first major revision in the history of the Principles and Criteria, the new P&C brings FSC practices current with the policies, clarifications, and lessons learned since its inception in 1993. The subsequent addition of the Explanatory Notes and future Generic Indicators will bring greater clarity to this key document and enable more effective implementation in the field. The positive vote milestone marks the beginning of an important next phase in FSC’s work. With revisions agreed, FSC can now engage stakeholders in the development of baseline requirements (the "Generic Indicators") for each of the Criteria. This work will begin immediately through outreach to members on the key issues to be considered in the drafting of the Generic Indicators. However, FSC is mindful of the concerns raised by members during the review and revision of the P&C and committed to addressing them in this next phase, as well as in subsequent policy-level discussions. Additionally, we will reach out to our members to capture the lessons we’ve acquired from this unprecedented process. As this next phase unfolds, FSC will work to align the development of regional and national FSC Forest Stewardship Standards with the new Principles and Criteria. Support and guidance will be provided to all stakeholders, including Certification Bodies and forest organizations, to ensure that the transition to the new P&C is as smooth as possible. We look forward to using this new framework as the central tool for collaboration with our members and stakeholders to fulfill FSC’s mission. We are deeply grateful to the dedicated individuals that made this advancement possible, including the Principles & Criteria Working Group, the FSC Membership and the staff involved. Their high level of engagement in this important process has enabled FSC to move forward with renewed confidence in our practices and principles. We look forward to the measurable success that this landmark decision will now bring to the FSC system.