Getting ready for the next IGI Meeting

The public consultation on the first draft of FSC’s International Generic Indicators (IGIs) is now complete and the IGI Group, supported by Policy and Standards Unit (PSU) staff, is analyzing the feedback received. At the same time, the group is preparing to meet in Madrid at the start of June to work on the outstanding issues and start developing the second draft of the IGIs.

Comments from all over the world were received during the 60-day public consultation on the first draft IGIs. We are grateful to everyone who contributed and appreciate the effort made.

The online survey was the most popular method for sending us feedback. A total of 210 surveys were started, of which 150 are considered to be finished surveys, i.e. the respondent submitted feedback to at least one indicator or answered one of the questions (the remaining respondents only provided personal information). A summary of the type of respondents can be found here.

Seven regional workshops and meetings also took place during the consultation period. Representatives from Network Partners and Standard Development Groups attended these events. PSU representatives also attended and took the opportunity to provide detailed information on the IGIs process and the work of the IGI Group. In addition, these meetings drew together different countries representatives and provided a forum for sharing national realities and agreeing on regional feedback to the first draft IGIs.

The IGI group, supported by PSU staff, is now analyzing all the feedback received from different sources. They will use it to develop the second draft of the IGIs Standard. Meanwhile, some of the issues that were not resolved prior to the publication of the first draft IGIs are also being dealt with, such as the SIR (Scale, Intensity and Risk) concept.

The next face-to-face meeting of the IGI Group will take place from 3–7 June in Madrid, Spain. The Group, together with PSU staff, is already working on the objectives and agenda for this meeting.

Keep checking the website for further information on the IGI process.


Rosario Galán
IGI Group Coordinator