The IGI Group is guiding the development of the IGIs

The IGI Process is being guided by the IGI Group, which is comprised of the IGI Working Group (IGI WG) and the Technical Experts.

The IGI Working Group (IGI WG) is a sub-chamber-balanced working group, meaning that there are two representatives (one from the South and one from the North) from each of our Membership Chambers – Social, Environmental and Economic.

The Technical Experts comprises one representative from each of our six global regions and two representatives from Certification Bodies (CBs).

IGI Group
IGI Group

In addition to their ability to represent the interests of their geographical and sub-chamber constituents, the IGI Group Members were also selected for their:

  • geographical and issue-based expertise
  • expert knowledge and/or experience in the development of FSC National and Regional Standards
  • knowledge of the FSC procedures
  • understanding of the impacts on affected stakeholders
  • commitment to the FSC’s mission and vision
  • desire to seek and reach consensus on controversial issues
  • ability to review and comment on documents in English
  • ability to actively participate until final approval of the IGIs

IGI Group Meetings

A series of five IGI Group Meetings is planned during the process of developing the International Generic Indicators (IGIs) and are organized by staff at the FSC International Center (FSC IC).

Click below for pictures of the IGI Group Meetings.