IGI Working Group

The IGI Working Group (IGI WG), which comprises six FSC members, is guiding the development of the IGIs. It is a sub-chamber-balanced working group, meaning that there are two representatives (one from the South and one from the North) from each of our Membership Chambers – Social, Environmental and Economic.

A group of Technical Experts has also been appointed as a resource for the IGI WG, comprising one representative from each of our six global regions and two representatives from Certification Bodies (CBs). Together, the IGI WG and the Technical Experts form the IGI Group.

The composition of the IGI WG is approved by the FSC Board of Directors.

The IGI WG members are:

Social Chamber:

Environmental Chamber:

Economic Chamber:

The IGI WG is the decision-making body of the IGI Group. The IGI WG is responsible for:

  • addressing issues and responding to comments raised by the stakeholders
  • deciding when the draft IGIs are ready for public consultation
  • deciding when the final IGIs are ready for review and approval by the FSC Board of Directors.