International Generic Indicators to be Finalized Soon

After more than two years in development, FSC’s International Generic Indicators (IGIs) will soon be ready for approval by FSC’s international board of directors. Before this milestone, the IGI group will finalize the full IGI package and open it for final stakeholder review.

zoomIGI Group meeting in May 2014 – The IGI Group met in Bonn in May 2014. Here, final amendments and agreements were reached on the IGIs.
zoomIGI Group meeting in May 2014 – Discussion about Conservation Areas Network
The final IGIs were endorsed by the IGI working group in June this year, after a productive face to face meeting held in May. The IGI group and FSC’s policy and standards unit are doing additional work to complete the preamble and glossary, as well as the scale, intensity and risk (SIR) guideline. At the time of preparing this update, only the SIR guideline remains to be completed.

The decision to hold this final stakeholder review came from both the policy and standards committee (PSC) and the board of directors, following requests from stakeholders to see the final draft IGIs before they go for decision making.

It is important to note that this final review is not a consultation. Two stakeholder consultations have already been completed and comments incorporated, where appropriate. This phase is a unique step, not part of the usual process, and will allow stakeholders to pass high-level feedback to the Board to inform their decision.

The final stakeholder review will be conducted on an online platform, with opinions to be submitted via an online survey. The survey will pose two high-level questions to our stakeholders: do you support the approval of the IGI package? and do you have any concerns about the IGI package?

This review will take place towards the end of 2014. Full details – including where to view the documents, how to complete the survey, and the deadline for feedback submission – will be available before the review starts.

The following documents will be available for review:
• The IGI standard (FSC-STD-01-004) consisting of a set of IGIs, a preamble and a glossary; and
• The SIR guideline (FSC-GUI-60-002).

In parallel to this final stakeholder review, the PSC will hold a meeting to analyze the IGIs. Comments from the final stakeholder review will be collated and provided to the board of directors at their meeting in March 2015, together with the PSC recommendation, to be considered as they make their final decision on the IGIs.

General Assembly Session
An FSC-hosted side event on the IGIs will be held at the FSC General Assembly to provide attendees with an update on the IGIs and the transfer process. The session will be held:
Time: 16.00 – 18.00 h
Date: Tuesday, 09 September 2014
Venue: Hotel Barceló Renacimiento. Sevilla, Spain

1 September 2014