Countdown for the second draft IGIs

The FSC International Generic Indicator (IGI) Group met in October in Lisbon to agree on the final steps towards the second draft of the IGIs. Two sub-groups of its members are working in parallel to finalize the new draft, while another sub-group is focused on engagement tools for the second public consultation. There is high expectation and willingness to comment on this second draft of the IGIs, which is expected to be sent to the Network Partners in December.

An intense week of work in Lisbon concluded with specific targets and responsibilities for all the members of the IGI Group. During the meeting, the group agreed on an approach to complete the second draft of the IGIs in November, always keeping stakeholder input from … Read more …

Getting ready for the next consultation on the IGIs!

The process of developing International Generic Indicators (IGIs) continues and soon we will have the 2nd draft ready to be submitted for public consultation.

In order to produce IGIs that reflect all stakeholders' vision of responsible forest management we need to engage full participation in the review of the IGI Working Group's proposal.

In preparation for this 2nd consultation, we would like you to help … Read more …

We are working for you: towards the International Generic Indicators second draft

The IGI Group continues to work towards the second draft of the International Generic Indicators (IGIs) ahead of the upcoming meeting in October. This is in preparation for the second public consultation, planned for the end of this year.

Towards second draft IGIs Preparing the second draft
From the feedback received during the first public consultation on the IGIs, it was clear that several broad themes needed addressing for the second draft. These fall into three categories: simplify; eliminate redundancy; and address … Read more …

Transfer Process Update

Thanks to the input FSC received from stakeholders, the Transfer Process has been revised and improved. The process will be more formalized, and the decisions made include a one-year extension of the general deadline and refinements to the Transfer Template.

The FSC Principles and Criteria (P&C) specify the core requirements for the certification of responsible forest management and form the basis for the National Forest Stewardship Standards. The P&C were recently revised and, as a consequence, existing National … Read more …

We are working for you

The FSC International Generic Indicator (IGI) Group met in Madrid, Spain, in June to start analyzing the feedback received during the first public consultation of the first draft IGI. The group also worked to agree on the next steps for the second draft.

IGI Meeting Madrid June 2013 The meeting highlighted the importance of the IGI process and the public consultation. One participant described the IGI process as “the most significant step towards implementing responsible forest management since the establishment of FSC and the Rio Summit in … Read more …

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