IGI Steering Committee meets for the second time

The second IGI Steering Committee meeting took place on 31 October 2012. The meeting was convened to update the Committee on the current status of IGI development and make some decisions on the process work plan, timelines and methodology. Once approved, the minutes of … Read more …

Second IGI Group Meeting took place in Bonn, in October 2012

The 2nd IGI Group meeting took place in October 2012, during which a session was held on the concept of Scale, Intensity and Risk, and how to best apply it to the IGIs. Building on the work started at the first meeting, the Group also developed the draft IGIs further: … Read more …

IGI Drafting Process – working towards Draft 1.0

The Drafting Team at the Policy and Standards Unit (PSU) set to work on the draft IGIs, incorporating the feedback and outcomes of the first IGI Group meeting. At the same time, the Terms of Reference of the IGI Group were finalized and presented to the Policy and … Read more …

First IGI Group Meeting held in July 2012 in Bonn

After selection, the IGI Group held its first meeting in July 2012. It was here that the IGI process was officially launched and the IGI Group worked on its Terms of Reference, the concept of the Indicators and the changes introduced by the P&C V5. It also focused on … Read more …

IGI Working Group established to lead into next phase

We are pleased to announce that the FSC Board last week confirmed the Working Group that will lead the effort to develop International Generic Indicators (IGIs), marking the next phase of the process to put the revised P&C into practice.

The Working Group, comprised of six FSC members representing their sub-chambers, is joined by a Technical Expert Group of six regional representatives from each of FSC’s global regions and two certification body representatives. A list of Working Group and Technical … Read more …

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