Steering Committee meets to launch the IGI process

The interim IGI Steering Committee met in March 2012 to officially launch the development of the International Generic Indicators. Read more …

FSC Membership approves the Revised Principles & Criteria

FSC is pleased to announce that the revised Principles & Criteria (P&C) have been approved by the FSC Membership. Confirmed through strong voter turn-out – at around 70% in all chambers - the positive result reflects the engagement and commitment of stakeholders worldwide over a three year participatory process.

As the first major revision in the history of the Principles and Criteria, the new P&C brings FSC practices current with the policies, clarifications, and lessons learned since its inception in 1993. The subsequent addition of the Explanatory Notes and future … Read more …

The FSC membership is our highest decision-making body, and this outcome reflects a process that was inclusionary, fair, and transparent.

Whatever the outcome of the vote, FSC will continue to work with all of our members to ensure that the Principles & Criteria demonstrate a commitment to forest management that balances social, environmental, and economic interests to achieve the best possible solutions for forests and people worldwide.

Completing the process of legal verification may take time so please be patient. As soon as we complete the legal due process we will send all members an update via email. The results will also be posted to vote.fsc.org and fsc.org.

We are deeply appreciative of … Read more …

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