Next Steps In The FSC Principles and Criteria Review Process

The revised FSC Principles and Criteria (P&C) have been approved by the FSC Membership. Now, there are several steps to be taken in order to operationalize the P&C as the new FSC Forest Stewardship Standard that can be used around the globe for the certification of responsible forest management.

In summary, these steps include:

  • Publication of the approved revised Principles and Criteria;
  • Development of International Generic Indicators (IGI);
  • Transfer of National Forest Stewardship Standards;
  • Development of a Generic Standard for Certification Bodies.

The revised Principles and Criteria will be published in April to the FSC website. During the next steps of the P&C review process, we will transform this website to be a central information source for those interested and participating in the next phases of development.

Stay informed on all developments through the FSC Technical Updates newsletter.

Please find a detailed overview on the next steps of the P&C review in pdf below.