Policy and Standards Unit Staff

The FSC International Center (FSC IC), through the Policy and Standards Unit (PSU), acts as the Secretariat to the IGI Process.

Staff at the FSC IC are responsible for the administration and management of the IGI Group and for drafting the IGIs. This includes establishing the methodology to follow, according to FSC procedures; monitoring the workplan and estimated timelines; guiding and providing the IGI Group with the necessary tools to progress with their tasks; organizing and supporting the IGI Group meetings; assisting the Regional Workshops; providing technical support to the development of the IGIs; and so on.

The roles of PSU Staff are:
- Project Executive: Hans Joachim Droste
- Project Manager: Pasi Miettinen
- Project Coordinator: Rosario Galán
- Regional Representatives Coordinator: Gordian Fanso
- Technical Support: Vanessa Linforth (social aspects of the IGIs)
- IGI Drafting Team: Richard Robertson and John Cathro