Steering Committee

The IGI Steering Committee (SC) provides oversight for all phases of the IGI development process until final approval of the IGIs by the FSC Board of Directors. This means the SC will ensure that the process complies with the terms of reference, the work plan, documented procedures, and agreed budgets and estimated timelines.

The IGI SC members are selected according to the specifications of the FSC procedure ‘The development and revision of FSC Normative Documents' (FSC-PRO-01-001 (Version 3-0)). According to this procedure, the SC should comprise: the FSC Executive Director, the Policy and Standards Unit Director, and the Coordinator of the IGI Group. The Steering Committee may decide to invite additional people as advisers.

The Steering Committee members are:

  • Kim Carstensen, FSC Executive Director (SC member)
  • Hans Joachim Droste, Policy and Standards Director (IGI Project Executive)
  • Pasi Miettinen, Forest Program Manager (IGI Project Manager)
  • Rosario Galán, Forest Policy Manager (IGI Project Coordinator)
  • Fran Price, Member of FSC Board of Directors (Board liaison)
  • Coen van der Veer, Member of Policy and Standards Committee (PSC liaison)

The responsibilities of the Steering Committee are to:

  • review and approve the terms of reference (TOR) for the IGI Group;
  • review and approve the work plan of the IGI Group;
  • review and approve the selection of the Technical Experts for the IGI Group;
  • define the process to be followed to produce a first draft of the proposed IGIs;
  • monitor the progress of the IGI Group in relation to implementing its TOR;
  • provide advice or support in response to requests by the FSC Policy and Standards Director or the Coordinator of the IGI Group during the development and testing of the IGIs;
  • review the membership of the Consultative Forum to determine whether it includes members from all the stakeholder groups identified as being affected by a particular FSC social and environmental international standard.