Transfer Procedure

The Transfer Procedure contains the requirements for Standards Development Groups to develop or transfer their National Standards to the Principles and Criteria Version 5, by using as starting point the International Generic Indicators.

The version 1-0 of the Transfer Procedure has been approved and can be downloaded below.

The Global Network Meeting in June 2013 resulted in the request to FSC from the Network Partners  to develop a Transfer Procedure. A Working Group from within the Network Partners was established to work on the development of the procedure, and the Policy and Standards Unit coordinated the process. The Working Group members are the following: 

  • Gary Dodge - North America
  • Yellen Aguilar-Ararat - Latin America
  • Vera Santos - Europe
  • Tatiana Yanitskaya - CIS Countries
  • Ma Lichao - Asia Pacific
  • Paul Opanga - Africa

The first draft of the Transfer Procedure was submitted to a public consultation, and the feedback received was considered in the finalization of the procedure. 

Transfer Template

The Transfer Template has been designed to support the development of a proposal and work plan for transferring the Forest Stewardship Standards to the P&C V5. It also acts as a useful briefing on the Transfer process itself and can be communicated widely to gather input and support for the process.

A revised version of the Transfer Template will be published together with the new Transfer Procedure, to facilitate the process. Since the general deadline has been extended to December 2015, all countries that had already completed and submitted the template to FSC will have the opportunity to revise and re-submit their applications. This process will be guided by the Policy and Standards Unit, which will soon be contacting all relevant countries.

Transfer Matrix

The purpose of the Transfer Matrix is to assist National Offices and Standards Development Groups in the process of transferring approved Forest Stewardship Standards from the Version 4 of FSC Principles and Criteria to the Version 5. More information on how to do this transfer process will be included in the Transfer Procedure (under development).

Below you can find the Transfer Matrix for Draft 1-0 of the IGIs. A subsequent Transfer Matrix will be developed as further work is done on the IGIs.

Transfer Process Status

The countries participating in the Transfer Process are listed in the table below.

How can SDGs start the Transfer Process?

Below please find a document with some suggested activities for Standard Development Groups that can be done while waiting for the approval of the IGIs, and also once the IGIs are approved.