We are working for you: towards the International Generic Indicators second draft

The IGI Group continues to work towards the second draft of the International Generic Indicators (IGIs) ahead of the upcoming meeting in October. This is in preparation for the second public consultation, planned for the end of this year.

zoomTowards second draft IGIs
Preparing the second draft
From the feedback received during the first public consultation on the IGIs, it was clear that several broad themes needed addressing for the second draft. These fall into three categories: simplify; eliminate redundancy; and address Scale, Intensity and Risk (SIR). The IGI Group created a set of rules for the drafting process that address these ‘meta issues’. A drafting committee was established from within the IGI Group to help the drafters apply these rules to the second draft.

Progress has been good; there is broad agreement within the IGI Group that the rules and methods address the meta issues.

Analyzing engagement during the first public consultation
The level of engagement – from FSC members and beyond – during the first public consultation was unprecedented in FSC’s history. The FSC Global Network, who organized together with FSC IC regional and national workshops and webinars, should be credited for this. 

The IGI Group would still like to improve on this, however, and act upon the valuable lessons from the first public consultation. An engagement committee has been established from within the IGI Group to engage sub chambers, such as the Social South who, as ever, proved difficult to reach. The IGI Group expects to gather more comprehensive feedback from all stakeholders during the second public consultation, scheduled to begin in November this year.

Analysis of your comments
A consultation committee has been set up, again from within the IGI Group, to analyze all of the comments received on the first draft of the IGIs. This will ensure that not only broad themes and meta issues are addressed, but also that additional feedback is considered in the second draft. The committee has stated that many of the comments will be addressed by the drafting rules and is advising on which additional areas need further discussion.

Communicating the process
A communications committee will address both internal and external communications concerning the IGI process and the Transfer Process (established from within the IGI Group). This committee is already implementing plans to improve communications about the IGI process, including additional online communications and regular newsletter items to inform the global community about new developments within the process.

Next face-to-face meeting
The whole IGI Group will meet face to face in October in Lisbon, Portugal, with the aim of finalizing the second draft of the IGIs before the second public consultation.

Confirmed: IGIs are the starting point for all National Standards
During its last meeting the FSC Board of Directors confirmed that the IGIs are the starting point for the transfer of National Standards to the Principles and Criteria Version 5 (P&C V5). Generic Indicators have been the de facto starting point for National Standards since 2009, when reference to the ‘Suggested Indicators’ was made in Standard FSC-STD-60-002 (Structure and content of National Forest Stewardship Standards). This Standard also introduced the idea of adapting the Suggested Indicators to national contexts. 

The FSC Board has further refined and confirmed the concept of adaptation. The result is a series of options to adopt indicators, adapt them, drop them or develop new ones, depending on national contexts and without undermining related FSC Policies and Standards. There needs to be justification for choosing to adapt, drop or develop new indicators. Justifications can be brief and can be grouped across more than one indicator. The Standard FSC-STD-60-002 will be revised to incorporate these decisions.

Further clarifications on how to transfer these National Standards to P&C V5 will be included in a Transfer Procedure. We have made a call to the FSC Global Network to form a working group to develop this Transfer Procedure by the end of this year. The FSC Board agreed to a general extension to the timeline for transferring old and developing new National Standards (deadline extended to December 2015), which will be offered to all Standards Development Groups.
In addition, the FSC Board recognized the work and extraordinary workload of the IGI Group.

For further information on the IGI Process, please contact Rosario Galán, IGI Group Coordinator: r.galan@fsc.org.