What does this affect?

Across the globe, Forest Stewardship Standards now need to be transferred to the FSC Principles and Criteria Version 5 (P&C V5) which were approved in February 2012. The implications of this for affected groups are as follows:

Standards Development Groups (SDGs):
These groups are responsible for the development and revision of National Forest Stewardship Standards in their countries. They must now transfer those National Standards to the P&C V5, using the International Generic Indicators (IGIs) that we are developing.

Certification Bodies (CBs):
In countries where there are no approved National Forest Stewardship Standards, the CBs create CB Adapted Standards to verify compliance with the requirements of the FSC P&C. In some cases there are several CB Adapted Standards in one country, leading to inconsistencies in the system. With the development of the IGIs, the system in countries without approved National Standards will become more consistent: the CBs will use the IGIs as starting point for the adaptation of their Generic Standards to the national conditions in these countries.

Certificate Holders and applicants for FSC Forest Management certification:
After the Forest Stewardship Standards have been transferred to the P&C V5 (using the IGIs that are now under development), these groups will be evaluated by the CBs according to the new Standards.

FSC members and other stakeholders:
Since the P&C V5 is the basis of the FSC Forest Management certification system, their revision and the changes they bring will have an impact on this group of advocates.