Why are we doing this?

In November 2010, the FSC Board of Directors instructed the FSC Secretariat to develop a set of International Generic Indicators (IGIs) to operationalize the Principles and Criteria Version 5 (P&C V5) approved in February 2012 and to ensure their consistent application across the globe. This process will improve and strengthen the credibility of the FSC System.

  • In countries with existing National Forest Stewardship Standards, the IGIs will serve as starting point to guide the transfer of those Standards to the P&C V5.
  • In countries with several National Standards (e.g. per region, per type of forest), this process will result in the harmonization of these Standards.
  • In countries that currently lack approved National Standards, the IGIs will be serve as starting point for the adaptation of Generic Standards to the specific conditions of each country.

As countries transfer their National Standards to the P&C V5, the use of the widely consulted and discussed IGIs will ensure that they meet all the requirements and technical specifications of FSC-STD-60-002. This will lead to an improved quality of National Standards, supports a faster and more efficient approval process and brings global consistency to the FSC System.